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Kiln Dried Birch - Bulk bags

Our Kiln dried hardwood provides a clean burn with maximum heat output with a moisture content of between 8-15%, all logs are ready for immediate use.
The most cost-effective way is to order bulk bags but, we also have barrow bags and net sacks available for lower use situations and storage convenience. As well as delivery we offer a stacking service whereby your logs are hand delivered, transported and stacked in your chosen location; log store / garage. If you purchase more than 1 bulk bag you will also receive FREE stacking (normally £5 per bag).
You can add a voluntary donation to Al's Pals - http://www.alspalsmk.co.uk/ - local cancer buddy charity based in Milton Keynes University hospital below.
We are currently drying out our next batches of Seasoned Hardwood & Softwood, which should be ready towards the summer time.

However, we will be stocking up on a variety of Kiln Dried woods in the meantime so why not give those a try for now!

We also now have Firelighters, Kindling & Coal available, with even more products coming soon... #WATCHTHISSPACE!
Stacking Service:
Al's Pals Charity Donation:

Product description

Our bulk bags are the same size as a builders 1 tonne bags; there is roughly 2.5-3 barrow bags to a bulk. They are great value for money, if you have the storage.
Our kiln dried Birch is a traditional firewood that is great for starting fires quickly. It is typically light coloured wood with thin bark which acts as a great firelighter. Kiln dried wood burns well and produces little residue as it is a clean wood. It a produces greater heat output than that of seasoned wood, which therefore means you won't need as many logs on your fire.

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