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Firewood Fuel MK specialize in providing a variety of firewood products, including kiln-dried and seasoned logs. In this blog, we will discuss the differences between these two types of logs and the process of creating both. 
Seasoned logs are logs that have been air-dried for a period of time, typically between 6 months to 2 years. During this time, the logs loose moisture and dry out, the drier they are the easier they are to burn. Seasoned logs are a popular choice for many people because they are often less expensive than kiln-dried logs and are readily available, seasoning is the most natural way to dry out your logs. They can be stored outside but should be covered to protect them from getting wet, air flow is very important though.  
Drying out your freshly cut logs is important to reduce the amount of smoke and ash they produce and also to make sure they burn, if they are too wet then they may not even burn. If your logs produce too much smoke and ash then this can cause problems with your chimneys. 
Kiln-dried logs are logs that have been force dried in a kiln, to remove all of the moisture. The kiln will reach temperatures of around 80-100°C. This process typically takes between 7-10 days and ensures that the logs are completely dry and ready to burn. Kiln-dried logs are a popular choice for many people because they produce less smoke and ash than seasoned logs, which makes them better for the environment and safer to burn. 
One of the main advantages of kiln-dried logs is that they are easier to light and produce a consistent flame. This is because they usually contain less moisture than seasoned logs, which means that they ignite more easily and burn more efficiently. As kiln-dried logs tend to be drier they can also produce more heat than seasoned logs, which means that they are a more efficient fuel source. This process however increases the price of this wood as the process of drying the logs can be costly depending on the set up. 
In conclusion, both seasoned and kiln-dried logs are popular choices for people who want to heat their homes with wood. While seasoned logs are less expensive and produce a lot of heat, they may not always be as dry as kiln dried logs. You can almost 100% guarentee kiln dried logs will be dry and burn every time, it's harder to guarentee this for seasoned logs but it doesn't mean they are not worth buying as they will still heat your home and fuel your fire! 
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