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At Firewood Fuel MK we have a goal to be as efficient, economical and environmentally friendly as possible. Our sister business: Browns Tree Solutions produces a significant amount of 'waste' from our line of work. However, we don't let this waste go to waste! Firewood Fuel MK recycles and reuses everything that Browns brings back to the HQ. 
Here's how we do it... 
The Browns Tree Solutions teams bring back the waste generated during their tree surgery work. This includes woodchippings, tree branches and logs. At the yard it is seperated into different sections based on the type of wood and size of the pieces to help us create different types of firewood products. 
Our Firewood Fuel team then use specialized equipment to turn the waste into usable firewood products. Our chippers turn any wood that isn't good for burning into Wodochip which can be used around your garden or paddock. We then have our wood splitters which split large logs into smaller pieces that can be used for firewood.  
All of our firewood is put into crates and stored away to season (dry out) until it is ready to be bagged up and delivered to your door! Woodchip is bagged up ready to be sold onto customers, if we have surplus amounts then we also sell to larger companies who will use the chippings for biomass. 
By recycling all of our waste into Firewood Fuel MK, we are able to reduce our environmental impact and create a valuable resource. We also help to reduce the amount of waste that would otherwise be sent to landfills, where it would contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. 
But that's not all... In addition to using our waste to create firewood and related products, we also use it to generate electricity. We work with companies like Rofelo Forestry who have a biomass boilers that uses the woody debris from our tree surgery work to produce heat and electricity. This helps us to further reduce our environmental impact and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. 
In conclusion, at Firewood Fuel MK, we are committed to sustainable practices and recycling. By turning our waste into high-quality firewood products and generating electricity, we are able to create a valuable resource and reduce our environmental impact. Our customers can feel good knowing that they are purchasing a sustainable product that has been created with recycled waste. 
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