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Another day, Another blog from Firewood Fuel MK!  
In this blog we will discuss the different types of fuels used for heating and cooking. In this article, we will be looking at the two most popular fuels, firewood and smokeless coal, and whether it is possible to use both or if one is better than the other. 
At Firewood Fuel MK, we provide pre-cut logs in bulk bags, barrow bags and net sacks - both seasoned & kiln dried firewood available. We can even stack the logs for you on delivery, making it easy for you to accesss it when you need it. We also offer vareties of Smokeless Coal: Supertherm and Red, both available for delivery in 20kg bags. 
Firewood is an excellent source of fuel for heating and cooking, and it has many benefits for you and the environment!  
Cost-effective: Buying firewood in bulk bags can be cheaper than other fuels such as gas and oil. 
Convenient: Pre-cut logs in bags saves you the effort of cutting, splitting and drying out the wood yourself. 
Sustainable: Firewood is a renewable energy source, and has a low carbon footprint. 
Aesthetically Pleasing: Firewood provides a natural and warm ambience to any room, making it an excellent choice for those who value aesthetics. Logs can also be put on display around your fireplace for a rustic feel. 
Storage Space: Firewood takes up a considerable amount of space and requires a dry, well-ventilated area to store it properly. However, with our stacking service, we can make this easy for you, stacking the logs in a convenient and accessible location like your shed, garage or log store. 
Cleaning: It's imporant to regularly clean your wood stove or fireplace from ash and soot, as well as your chimney. 
Smokeless coal is a type of coal that is designed to burn with little or no smoke. We offer Supertherm and RED in 20kg bags which can be collected from our shop at Lower Rectory Farm or delivered to your door. 
Energy-efficient: Smokeless coal has a high calorific value, it generally produces more heat per kilogram than firewood. So you won't have to use or spend as much. 
Clean: Smokeless coal burns cleaner than other types of coal, reducing air pollution. It should produce little to no smoke and ash, making it easier to keep your stove and chimney clean. 
Convenient: Smokeless coal is easy to store in it's bag and doesn't require as much space as firewood. 
Expensive: Smokeless Coal can be more expensive than firewood and other types of coal. As it comes in smaller sizes but, you don't need to use as much. 
Non-renewable: Unlike firewood, smokeless coal is a non-renewable resource and, therefore, has a higher carbon footprint. 
Can I Use Firewood & Smokeless Coal? 
Yes, you can use both firewood and smokeless coal. Using both fuels can provide the benefits of each, including cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency, and a natural ambience. They can compliment each other well but make sure to check with your fireplace installer or stove supplier as not all stoves and fireplaces are coal friendly.  
Using coal along with your firewood will reduce the amount you use, the coal compliments wood well as a bottom layer. With hot coals underneath, when you add logs your fire will light in no time and stay lit for longer as the hot embers below keep the heat in. 
Which one is better? 
At Firewood Fuel MK, we believe that firewood is the better option for most customers, as it is a renewable and cost-effective fuel source that also adds warmth and ambience to any room. However, they clearly both have their advantages which is why we sell both! 
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