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Our seasoned wood is made by processing and re-using the wood we bring back from our work via our tree & hedge specialist business: Browns Tree Solutions Ltd. 
The wood is taken from site and back to our yard where, one of our teams will split, process and store the wood. During the warm summer months we keep the wood outside under a shelter, to protect it from the rain but allow the air and sun to dry out the wood. Once it gets colder and wet in the Winter months, the wood is moved into a barn for further drying. 
We test the moisture content levels of our wood each month and once it has reached below at least 20%, the wood will be put into bulk and barrow bags ready to sell and deliver to you! 


Our bulk bags are the largest option we offer, the bags are approximately 90x90x90cm, similar to a builders 1-tonne bag - this is not exact.  
The most cost-effective way is to order bulk bags but, we also have barrow bags available for lower use situations and storage convenience. 


Our barrow bags are approximately 46x46x87cm - this is not exact. 
There is roughly 2.5 barrow bags to a bulk bag. 
Barrow bags are great for lower use situations and storage convenience. The logs fit perfectly in a small log store or stacked neatley in the garage. 
Mixed Seasoned Hardwood - Bulk bag - £100  
Seasoned Oak - Bulk bag - £100 
Mixed Seasoned Softwood - Bulk bag - £60  
Mixed Seasoned Hardwood - Barrow bag - £55 
Seasoned Oak - Barrow bag - £55 
Mixed Seasoned Softwood - Barrow bag - £30 
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