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Kiln drying is an artificial yet highly effective process of drying out firewood. The logs are placed in a kiln which sucks out the moisture from the wood, it should also kill any bugs and fungus contaminating the wood which prevents the wood from going moldy; the kilns can reach temperatures of up to 70°. 
Typically, the drying process can take up to 7 days; the wood must reach a moisture content of below at least 15-20% for it to be ready to sell. While this is much faster than ‘seasoning’ the wood; which can take anywhere from 6 months to 3 years for the moisture to be naturally drawn out, it is not as eco friendly.  
When wood is kiln dried, it will catch fire quicker, burn hotter and for longer than that of seasoned wood, due to its very low moisture content; generally, between 8-15%. Due to the temperature of the kilns, it also kills bacteria and fungi that may be in the wood meaning it is cleaner and produces less residue which great for your chimneys and fire places! 


Our bulk bags are the largest option we offer, the bags are approximately 90x90x90cm - this is not exact. 
The most cost-effective way is to order bulk bags but, we also have barrow bags available for lower use situations and storage convenience. 


Our barrow bags are approximately 46x46x87cm - this is not exact. 
There is roughly 2.5 barrow bags to a bulk bag. 
Barrow bags are great for lower use situations and storage convenience. The logs fit perfectly in a small log store or stacked neatly in a garage. 
British Kiln Dried Hardwoods - Bulk bag - £135 
Kiln Dried Ash (Hardwood) - Bulk bag £150 
Kiln Dried Birch (Hardwood) - Bulk bag - £135 
British Kiln Dried Hardwoods - Barrow bag - £60 
Kiln Dried Ash (Hardwood) - Barrow bag £75 
Kiln Dried Birch (Hardwood) - Barrow bag - £60 
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